Born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1996, Stephanie Ferreira was raised in a very multicultural and also turbulent environment, and trough her youth she kept moving to different cities, being presented even more diverse realities and cultures. Her interest for paintings only started when she was about to finish high school, declining a scholarship to pursue the study of architecture she took a sabbatical year and traveled to Providence, RI, where she stayed with relatives, using the opportunity to for the first time take formal art education classes at RISD, and that is when she decided that being an artist was what she wanted. 

     In 2016, she went to study Fine Arts at the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was able to refine her skills as a painter and learn to represent abstract ideas about people, converting them into portraits. Now living in Rome, Italy, she is working into producing new works focused on the different personalities she encounters in her path and the self-exploration of her own identity as a "foreign".  

Rome, Italy

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